blogs in todays society

Blogs are created by users to create posts about anything in their “own voice.” This allows for people to be themselves as they post genuinely about things like personal stories, hobbies, products, reviews or critiques, feedback, and even more. People seem to enjoy being able to read posts by other people who are being authentic because they like the real conversation and real personalities that can arise from the interaction with blogging. Blogs expand to even other topics like giving advice. We can see that blogs are able to help connect a group of online viewers, which allows for many ideas, opinions, information, and pictures to be shared over time. In most English classes they use multi-media sources and make multi media projects as well. Blogs are very popular with in most English classes for a way for kids to speak about how they feel or what they learned.

Blogs differ from some thing like wiki because a wiki is a simple and easy-to-access database for fast information. Many people can create or edit the Web pages in a wiki if they have permission. Blogs, on the other hand, seems to work excel at handling conversations. Although corporate data sharing might not be the best with a blog, corporate data can be effectively organized together to be useful as an open-source way to share information in a wiki.


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